Multi-channel retail

Powered by open-source technologies our highly scalable, web based, multi-channel, retail/wholesale platform is easily configured to support your single or multi-site operation with unified over-the-counter and internet sales.

Drive and control your business from your desktop or your smartphone using dashboard style, real-time sales and inventory, management reports.

Relationship management

Need to manage client appointments, reminders, communications and billing? Require integrated customer support systems, ticketing, SMS and email gateways. Want to manage a company newsletter with granular segmentation, subscription control and detailed reporting? We have a product to meet your needs.

Web Design

"People do judge a book by its cover" [Steve Jobs]. First impressions do count and people will judge your company by the quality of your web presence. Increasingly the first touch of new customers with your organisation will be through your website. Let us help you make the right first impression.